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    Something About Nothing

    Three books for resisting the attention economy and restoring a mindful life.

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    In Your Dreams

    Humans spend several years dreaming, yet this phenomenon remains mysterious in both purpose and meaning.

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    Get Up!

    Tune your body and mind with some Valentine’s Day morning sex. Or, why we recommend getting down while waking up.

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    OneClock Anthem Video

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    How Do You Sleep at Night?

    Your chronotype determines when and how well you sleep, and much about how you feel while awake—but few people know what theirs is, or how to live in harmony with it.

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    Buy Nothing, Sleep In / Thoughts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    As the Black Friday alarm rings at its early hour, we invite you to make a new ritual of sleeping in. And then, once you wake up? Go sit and have coffee with your mom, dad, kids, neighbor, or dog. Watch the sun travel across the kitchen window. Appreciate. Connect. Make it a thing.

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    Fitter, Happier, More Productive?

    The near constant use of technology in contemporary life can be overwhelming, affecting our health and relationships. Use a less-is-more approach to find physical, mental, and emotional balance in a world dominated by devices.

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    The Snooze Button is your Frenemy

    If you find the idea of quitting the Snooze button intimidating, look at it this way: Snoozing does not equal sleeping. Snoozing is a sad, stressful imitation of real sleep.
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    Scaring Yourself Awake

    From the adrenal gland’s point of view, there’s no difference between the shock of that blaring alarm and the sight of an incoming tsunami. And why would you want to start your day like that? 
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    Threat Vigilance, your Smartphone, and why you can’t sleep

    Many of us use our phones as our alarm clocks. It’s simple and easy and it works. But when you bring your smartphone to bed with you, you’re also bringing that fiendish little source of stress into your bedroom, too. 
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    A Brief History of Alarm Clocks

    It seems clear that the need for alarm clocks will never go away. But if the 1787 version of the U.S. Constitution can be amended 27 times, can’t we evolve our alarm clocks, too?