Wake up better.


Sleep is great,
but waking up is better.

We believe the only thing better than sleep is waking up. Because that’s where all the love starts. We believe in waking up better, so you can live better and breathe better and think better.

Better sounds.

OneClock is not an alarm clock. We don’t believe in alarms. We researched the best tones, tempos and frequencies to wake you up. Then we asked Jon Natchez from The War on Drugs to create a collection of musical compositions to lift you out of sleep in a peaceful, more natural way.

Sonic Science

There’s a growing body of sonic research outlining the importance of waking up correctly and its effect on our mood and behavior. Many alarms trigger a spike in blood pressure and heart rate which activates the fight-or-flight response of your nervous system. OneClock’s sounds are designed to activate your brain as you sleep, then wake you gently and reliably.


Soft to Loud(er)

To induce the changes in our brain’s activity that mimic natural awakening, our compositions gently increase in volume, fading in over a full minute, before continuing at a volume of your choice.


Strong Melody

Our brains are hardwired to hear melody. OneClock uses the innate biological power of melody versus simple, unrefined alarm tones.



Loud, jarring sounds create stress. Our sonic compositions gently build in melody, tempo, and intensity to lift you from your sleep.



Humans can suffer from alarm fatigue and become desensitized to sounds they hear repetitively, day-after-day. Our sounds play through a custom audio filter affecting the overall EQ (bass, timbre, pitch, reverb) to create a unique, nuanced composition each day. Which helps prevent alarm fatigue and gets you on your feet.


Let’s save the alarms for fires, burglaries and submarines. You deserve better, so we created a new way to wake up. Have a listen.

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Precision machined aluminum case with hand-oiled solid wood front and back panels. Available in white, black, and red powder coat.

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Warm, organic, minimalist design provides an analog, tactile experience rooted in slow-tech luxury. Proportions based on the golden ratio - 7.1"w x 4.5"h x 4.1"d

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The multi-function waking knob is located on the front (where you need it) and the touch sensitive case activates a night light. Waking music plays through a high dynamic range BMR speaker from Tectonic Labs.

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Integrated LED indicator lets you know when you're setting your wake time and assures you that your OneClock is set to wake you up. Low glare glass face is easy to read and scratch resistant.

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Volume and time set knobs, and a fixed, cloth covered USB cable with two prong AC adaptor for reliable power. OneClock also has an internal backup system in the event of a power outage.

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We left out the touchscreens and buttons in favor of knurled, solid aluminum knobs that provide a tactile, analog feel and precise control reminiscent of high end home audio components.

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Jamie Kripke

Designer // Founder

Howie Rubin

Designer // Founder

Lon McGowan

Consigliere // Founder

Jon Natchez

Composer // The War on Drugs

Larry Olson

Creative Director

Eli Mishkin

Sonic Strategist

Mona Hasan


Michael Halleck

Electrical Engineer


Mechanical Engineer

Josiane Broussard, PhD

Professional Sleep Nerd