What exactly is OneClock?

OneClock is an analog timepiece with science-backed sounds that gently lift you out of sleep in a peaceful, more natural way. Built to last generations with sustainably sourced materials and a timeless design.

Hold on... before I wake up better, how do I sleep better?

Here is a great summary of some of the current research findings around sleep, as well as some helpful tips for sleeping better.

Do I need my phone or an app to use OneClock?

No. In fact, we want you to keep your phone and all those addictive apps as far as possible from your bedroom. We also left out the USB port for charging your phone next to your bed. Take back your bedroom!

How do I work my OneClock?
Turn the knob on the back marked with a clock.
Return the knob to the center stop to lock the time.

Turn the knob on the back marked with a speaker.

Press and hold the wake knob on the front for one second.
The clock hands will move to your waking time.
Turn the wake knob to set your waking time.
Return the knob to the center stop to lock the waking time.
The clock hands will automatically return back to the current time after five seconds of inactivity.

Press and release the wake knob on the front.
The alarm indicator will light up.
Press the wake knob again to deactivate the alarm and turn off the alarm indicator light.

Press and hold the wake knob on the front for one second.
The clock hands will move to your waking time.
The clock hands will automatically return back to the current time after five seconds of inactivity.

Tap the top of the clock to turn on the night light.
It will shut off automatically after five seconds.

To listen to all the songs on your OneClock, turn the wake knob to the left until it stops, then press and hold for one second, then follow the prompts.

Want to swap the waking music on your clock?
Explore and purchase new albums through our Music Shop.
How is this thing made? How long will it last?

We designed OneClock from the ground up to be unlike any other clock, ever. The parts we use in our clock are taken from automotive dashboards and analog audio components. After taking other clocks apart to review the components and quality, we knew we could do better than a mess of plastic and glue. The inside of the OneClock is as beautifully crafted as the outside and is built to last generations with the highest quality components.

Does OneClock require a subscription?

Ummm, no. Does it sound relaxing to be in bed, staring at a device on your nightstand that is slowly siphoning money out of your bank account?

How is OneClock powered?

OneClock plugs into the wall via a supple six foot cloth covered USB-C cable and a UL-Listed USB two-prong adaptor. We eliminated the need to replace batteries, the worry around those batteries dying at the wrong time, and to keep said batteries out of the landfill.

What if the power goes out? Will I miss my flight?

OneClock has an internal backup system that will preserve your time and alarm settings for up to two weeks in the event of a power outage. When the power comes back on, your clock will revert to the correct time and wake you up. Please note that if the power is still out when you need to wake up, your clock will not wake you up. This is something we are currently working to solve.

I'm a clock thrower, is that a problem?

We've designed the OneClock to be as throw-proof as possible. But if you end up throwing it, let us know what you hit, and how it fared.

Why doesn't OneClock have WiFi or Bluetooth?

We (and a bunch of scientists) believe that the best way to get a good night's sleep is to get the tech out of your bedroom. And while those same scientists still can't say for certain that WiFi and Bluetooth are bad for you, we believe that if you're going to truly make your bedroom a sanctuary dedicated only to resting, sleeping, and loving, you don't need that other tech stuff anyway.

Can I set two alarms? What if my partner wants to wake up at a different time?

No, we want to keep things simple, so OneClock has one alarm. Sounds like you may need two OneClocks.


What makes OneClock's music so special?

Our sonic strategist compiled and analyzed the current science around sleeping, waking, and how our brains and bodies respond to sound. Based on that science, we created a set of musical guidelines that we shared with our composer (Jon Natchez from The War on Drugs), and asked him to make music that would be nice to wake up to. Jon went into his studio and with help from his musician friends created a unique album of waking music.

Can I change the music on my OneClock?

We are currently working on this. Soon, OneClock owners will be able to seamlessly swap the music on their clocks via the USB-C power cable.

Is there a magical way to listen to all the songs from beginning to end like an album?

Pro tip: If you turn the Wake Knob all the way to the left and hold it in a few seconds, that will start Music Mode, where you can take a lengthy sonic tour of the OneClock and all of its audio goodness.

Key Features

Hang on, where is the alarm hand?

Throughout our design process we reassessed every component of the clock. Ultimately, we decided to remove the alarm hand and created an intuitive way to separate the alarm and time functions while using the same hands for both. Simply press the Waking Knob (front of clock) for one second and the hands will move into the alarm mode and display the alarm time, which you can then adjust. After setting the alarm time, the hands will revert back to the time after five seconds of no activity. Less is more.

Where's the snooze button?

We killed the snooze. Research shows that snoozing is bad for you, because it repeatedly triggers your fight or flight response, and prolongs an already stressful moment. Learn more about why snoozers are losers.

Does it tick or make any other noise?

OneClock operates silently as we want your bedroom as quiet as possible. The only mechanical sounds you'll hear from OneClock are when you set the time or alarm.

How do I read the time in a dark room?

OneClock is designed to keep your room as dark as possible, so you can sleep as soundly as possible. Clocks with a light that makes them readable at all times have been shown to disrupt sleep. If it's dark and you need to know what time it is, just tap the top of the clock to turn on the night light. It will stay on for a few seconds before gently fading away.

Why did you make a clock? Aren't there more important problems to solve?

There's a lot of information out there about how we sleep, but very little about how we wake up. We believe that we can make people's lives better by helping them to wake up and start their day in the best possible way. In turn, this leads to a positive attitude towards people you engage with and helps spread the love. For real.

What shoes should I wear with my OneClock?

Tom Sachs Mars Yard Overshoe, no question.