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    The World’s Most Complicated Alarm Clock Might Also Be the Easiest to Use. Boulder designers obsessed over the OneClock so you could focus on one thing: sleeping.

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    Review: Design Milk

    OneClock Is Alarmingly Well Designed to Make the Bedroom a Sanctuary of Sleep.

  • Gadgetgram / Wake Up to Gentle Sonic Science Music

    This minimalist waking clock can bring you a truly “disconnected” bedroom, as it comes with no screens, no Bluetooth, no Wi-Fi, no App-controls, nothing. There’s literally no connectivity whatsoever, period.
  • Forbes / Wake Without Your Phone

    If looking at your phone is the first thing you do in the morning and you’re trying to quit, OneClock will help. The clock is made from sustainably-sourced materials and it’s the perfect first step towards a disconnected bedroom.
  • 2021 Gift Guides

    Our little clock made it into a few gift guides.
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    New York Times / Shopping for Alarm Clocks

    Having a dedicated alarm clock makes for more peaceful nights, without the interruption of notifications or the temptation to check email.
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    Review: Gear Patrol / Your Next Watch Purchase: This Analog Alarm Clock

    "...the innovative design, calming music and thoughtful touches are enough to make this one of my favorite alarm clock designs ever. And that, my friends, is a sentence I thought I would never utter during the course of my adult life, let alone publish."

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    Review: Domino / Best Sleep Since My Kid Was Born

    Each evening when I push the button to set the alarm (and you do have to push it every night—another thoughtfully considered design feature aimed at moving away from automation), I have a little sleep mindfulness moment that feels a bit like setting an intention, and it’s become a lovely nightly ritual for me.
  • Colossal: A Modern Take on the Analog Alarm

    Say goodbye to the days of being jarred awake by the alarm blaring from your iPhone. The creative team over at OneClock designed a streamlined device with the intention of rousing people in a more peaceful manner, one with soothing melodies that are in stark contrast to the startling sounds many of us hear every morning.
  • Profile: Modern in Denver

    A fine artist and commercial photographer by trade, Boulder-based Jamie Kripke didn't set out to be a clock designer. Years ago, in an effort to make is sleep space more restful by keeping the phone and its distractions out, Kripke went down a rabbit hole in search of a new way to wake up.
  • The Strategist / The Best Tech Gadgets to Help You Sleep (and Sleep Better)

    If you’re not a fan of sleep trackers or biofeedback devices, W. Christopher Winter, author of The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep Is Broken and How to Fix It, recommends a simple alarm clock from a new brand called OneClock. Winter says this clock “gently guides you out of sleep with specifically composed compositions” of tones and tempo shifts to wake you.
  • The Coolector / Minimalist Analog Timepiece

    How you wake up in the morning has a big bearing on how the rest of your day will go in our opinion here at The Coolector so, if you want to wake up in the right way, feeling rested, you may just want to check out the OneClock.